lundi 19 avril 2010


D'autres fantastiques images des éclairs dans la plume du volcan en Islande :


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Le volcan dégage de dangereuses émissions de FLUOR!

Icelandic Ash Cloud: Is This the Beginning of an Ecological Disaster? 15-04-2010
In just one day, volcanic ash spewing forth from Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull has brought airports to a halt in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland and is expected to spread over other areas of Europe by Thursday evening. The last time this volcano blew, it was deadly, emitting large quantities of toxic fluoride gas.

Ash may hover for days over uncertain Europe -CLIP (April 17, 2010)
(...) In Iceland, winds dragged the ashes over new farmland, to the southwest of the glacier, causing farmers to scramble to secure their cattle and board up windows. With the sky blackened out and the wind driving a fine, sticky dust, dairy farmer Berglind Hilmarsdottir teamed up with neighbors to round her animals and get them to shelter. The ash is toxic - the fluoride causes long-term bone damage that makes teeth fall out and bones break. "This is bad. There are no words for it," said Hilmarsdottir, whose pastures near the town of Skogar were already covered in a gray paste of ash.

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c'est impressionnant!