samedi 25 octobre 2008


Ouf ! C'est de la bombe ! Bill Deagle est un contacté à qui il a été demandé d'appeler Project Camelot pour se faire interviewer car il est temps que tout soit su. Il dit qu'il est temps de faire face aux forces lucifériennes car sinon ce n'est pas seulement une mort physique que nous allons expérimenter, mais aussi une mort spirituelle, car de ne pas dire non aux forces démoniaques, c'est se renier soi-même et nous méritons ainsi notre propre annihilation. Ouvrez votre coeur dit-il, c'est la voie à suivre. Mais aussi, préparez-vous, partout dans le monde, à accumuler de la nourriture, des médicaments contre la grippe entre autres, et tout ce qu'il faut pour survivre et ne pas avoir à manger la nourriture rationnée qu'on nous offrira. En espérant que ce soit un autre scénario qui arrive, cela dépend de nous !

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theuniquebob a dit...


j'aime ce que le projet camelot fait mais pour ce qui est de cet interview, on peut se poser des questions !

Voici un blog (anglais) qui en parle:

et qui dit:
So how can you people believe someone claiming to be a prophet, government insider/ whistleblower and one of the 2 witnesses described in the book of revelations?

I mean the guy is so far out, he claims to have been part of every single conspiracy theory for the last 20 odd years, and he had his medical license revoked for killing one of his former patients and seriously injuring two others.

Why did Dr. Deagle really leave Denver? After a woman named Debra Darnell died under his care, her family complained that he had over-prescribed medications (102 of them in 9 months). In March 2004 Deagle's license was temporarily suspended for over-prescribing drugs to three of his patients; one died from combined effects of the various meds, one suffered withdrawal and had to be hospitalized, and the third landed in the ER in a discombobulated state.

And to prove Im not lying about this, as I have already been accused of here's a link

After reading this why would anyone still think this guy is a hero and martyr? He is in fact a pathetic excuse for a human being praying on peoples gullibility and promoting his books and alleged "miracle cure" products on his website

Some other not so convinving facts about deagle:

1.Deagle attributes his superior intelligence to the fact that his mom smoked while pregnant. This increased his neural pathways. Also, aliens interested in his superior intellect observed him closely throughout his childhood.

2.He is a GP, and variously claims to be a microbiologist, a physicist, and a toxicologist.

3.In 1980 he met his current wife, Michelle, and they left their spouses to marry each other. They then embarked on a spiritual quest that led them in and out of many churches that one acquaintance described as "extremist". (3) In 1988 they founded Clay and Iron Ministries. Dr. Deagle declared himself a prophet and gave lectures for The Prophecy Club. They had children, and in the mid-'90s settled in Denver.

4. He claims to be on a government hitlist, which is why he now lives in Canada. Great place to hide , and constantly tells everyone in the public forum he holds (credibility people)

5. He has apparently spoken to Gabriel on numerous occasions

6. He was a medical practioner at Columbine Massacre, the Oklahmoma Bombing and 9/11 (wow what a coincidence :@@

6. He claims Christ was a product of the Luciferian church (sure to upset some)

7. He was approached by reptilian leader PIndar (who apparently disguises himself as Prince Charles), to be his understudy

8. Was apporached by the US millitary to create the AIDS virus

9. He also claimed "I know information that's well beyond that of the Buddhists'

10. Force-5 hurricanes are caused by Planet X ("Nibiru"), a dwarf star (yeah my favorite, lol)

11. He claims Ice ages are from increased rainfall? (impossible)

12. He also said "The avian flu was created by the CDC with a bioengine, using gene fragments from deceased miners in Alaska. Essentially, it was created out of thin air. "We know the names of the scientists involved" (so who are these scientists then Bill?)

13. He claims "That in ten years, humans will only be produced in labs. Those with genetic abnormalities will be killed, and we will all be programmed to die "like lightbulbs".

14. He is so intelligent that he graduated med school in 5 months (and he killed a lady and severely injured 2? Yeah nice try)

15. He produced and worked on wonderful things such as Iridium satellites, devices that create scalar holographic induction morphogenic fields to induce anti-aging, star wars defense system, he helped run bioterrorism simulations and he also treated special ops personnel

How can this guy be trusted?

Cela fait réfléchir !